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Pixie's Parasol - Mycena interrupta - Tasmanian fungi

Australian Mushroom Mirror Kits 

Australian fungi gifts and souvenirs - Mushroom mirrors for identifying fungi
Ages 5+ STEM Curiosity Nature

Featuring some of Australia's most amazing fungi!

Glow in the dark mushroom mirrors

"A very useful tool for anyone interested in fungi"

  Dr Genevieve Gates - Author of A Field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi

  • Mushroom mirrors give you a clear view of the gills, pores or spines under the mushroom cap to help you more confidently identify mushrooms you find.

  • Each mushroom mirror features an iconic Australian mushroom with an information card so you can learn more about our fascinating fungi species!​​​​

  • Great for citizen scientists - including a mirror image in your photos helps your observations be accurately identified for scientific research on platforms like iNaturalist and Atlas of Living Australia.

  • Mushroom mirrors support responsible citizen science and myco-tourism in National parks and protected areas as using a mirror 'Leaves no trace'.

  • Your purchase also supports Australian fungi research and conservation. Far South Fungi donates $1 for every mirror you buy to Fungimap - Australia's Fungi Mapping Scheme!

Using a mushroom mirror
Ages 5+ STEM Curiosity Nature
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