Franklin Fungi Reserve Blog

Explorations of 9.5 acres of tall, wet eucalyptus forest in the Huon Valley, Tasmania plus other stuff. 

This blog is to document points of interest on a privately owned 9.5 acre property and surrounding areas in the Huon Valley. After purchasing the property in 2010, it was decided that an attempt at recording fungi observations on the property should be done as much as possible. Over this time, fungi observations have been listed on the inaturalist Fungimap project.


Blog posts and Indepth information coming soon.

Property Stats:

The property is located at around 400-450m above sea level with snow during the cooler months. The vegetation consists of tall wet eucalyptus forest with an understory of rainforest species on clayey loam. 

Flora Species:

Fauna Species:

Fungi Species: See searchable list on inaturalist