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Making mushroom stamps

Making Mushroom Stamps!

Print your very own one of a kind mushrooms on anything ..T-shirts, bags, cards!

*If you print onto fabric, ask an adult to lightly iron the back and front of the material to help it set.

Use the idea to design other types of stamps too!

Mushroom STamping ACTIVITIES:

  • Make a mushroom forest! You can make lots of different mushroom stamps and some tree stamps.

  • Make your own fungi field guide - using mushroom stamps you make of real or pretend mushrooms!

Instructions for making mushroom stamps


Step 1. You will need all of the things in this photo including a stamp pad with ink, or make your own ink!


Step 2. Place your plastic lid or wooden block on the foam sheet and trace around it so you know where you can draw your mushroom.


Step 3.

Draw your own mushroom, or copy your favourite mushroom onto the piece of foam inside your trace. You can press hard on the foam when you draw. The bits that are pressed by the pen (see the lines on the mushroom caps), will not collect ink when put onto the stamp, and so will appear as white areas on the print.


Step 4. Cut out your mushroom shapes!


Step 5. Glue your mushroom shapes to a wooden block or a plastic lid. Wait until it is dry.


Step 6.

Get some ink (make mushroom ink or buy a stamp pad (around $6-7).

Place your stamp onto the ink, checking that it covers your stamp so that it prints everything on your stamp.

Then place your card or fabric down on a flat surface making sure it is smooth and flat. Sometimes using a warm (not hot) iron (get adult help if you are a kid!) can smooth material or paper out. Then press down your stamp! Make all kinds of patterns and designs!

Mushroom Stamp Fungi education Activity
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