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Pixie Parasol - Mycena interrupta Value Gift Pack

Pixie Parasol - Mycena interrupta Value Gift Pack


"A very useful tool for anyone interested in fungi" (Dr Genevieve Gates coauthor of A Field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi)

These handy gift packs are a useful tool for anyone interested in learning more about fungi.

These mushroom mirrors allow you to see underneath mushroom caps to view the spines, pores or gills to help with identification of Australian mushrooms.

  • Pixie Parasol Mushroom Mirror Value Gift Pack

    Each VALUE Gift Pack Includes:

    • Clear protective Mushie Mirror gift pouch
    • 58mm Mushroom Mirror featuring an Australian fungus
    • Mirror Cloth
    • Species information card
    • $1.00 donation to Fungimap!
  • STEM Education

    We create tools to support exploring and learning about fungi. Mushroom mirror kits support curious minds, exploration in nature and critical thinking skills.

  • Product Features

    • Mushroom mirrors allow for a good view under caps
    • Easier to include the underside of mushroom in photos 
    • Avoids removing mushroom from substrate.
    • Small and lightweight for travel
    • A protective button case helps keeps mirror dry and scratch free.
    • Cleaning cloth helps keep mirror clean for photography
    • Made in Australia
  • Ages 5+

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