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Ruby Bonnet - Australian Mushroom Mirror Value Gift Pack

Ruby Bonnet - Australian Mushroom Mirror Value Gift Pack


"A very useful tool for anyone interested in fungi" (Dr Genevieve Gates coauthor of A Field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi)


These mushroom mirrors allow you to see underneath mushroom caps to view the spines, pores or gills to help with identification of Australian mushrooms.

  • Mushroom Mirror Value Gift Pack

    Ruby Bonnet

    Cruentomycena viscidocruenta


    Each VALUE Gift Pack Includes:

    • Clear protective Mushie Mirror gift pouch
    • 58mm Mushroom Mirror featuring an Australian fungus
    • Mirror Cloth
    • Species information card
    • $1.00 donation to Fungimap!
  • STEM Education

    We create tools to support exploring and learning about fungi. Mushroom mirror kits support curious minds, exploration in nature and critical thinking skills.

  • Product Features

    • Mushroom mirrors allow for a good view under caps
    • Easier to include the underside of mushroom in photos 
    • Avoids removing mushroom from substrate.
    • Small and lightweight for travel
    • A protective button case helps keeps mirror dry and scratch free.
    • Cleaning cloth helps keep mirror clean for photography
    • Made in Australia
  • Ages 5+

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