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Plastic lid recycling activity for kids

Put a Lid On IT! Recycling Activity

Can you match the correct plastic lid to what bottle it belongs to?

In this fun recycling activity you get to collect a variety of plastic lids and then see who can match the correct plastic lid to the plastic bottle it belongs to! See who can score the highest!

Step 1. Collect some plastic bottles with lids, make sure they are washed and clean! (We do not want mould in this activity!)


Step 2. Take a photo of the bottles with their lids, or write down what type of product each lid was for eg: Cordial bottle lid (This way you will have the answers once you remove the lids from the bottles!)


Step 3. Write a word card representing each type eg: Milk bottle Separate the lids away from the bottles


Step 4. Place the lids on a table where people can see each one and leave a stack of the word cards on the side of the table Ask friends to try to match the word card to the correct lid!


Learning Questions:

Why do you think each lid is a different colour?


Do the different colours mean anything to you?


Lots of people make amazing things like artistic murals and giant sculptures using plastic lids.


What kind of things would you make if you recycled these plastic lids?

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