Many people come to Tasmania to view the amazing fungi found here. If you are planning on holidaying in Tasmania, the best time to come is during autumn, however you will find fungi all year round in Tasmania, in urban and suburban areas, along country roads, parks, reserves and National parks.Visitors with a keen eye and who walk slowly often find the most!

In Tasmania you can do your own DIY fungi tour. Obtain a local field guide and visit a local park, garden, backyard or a National Park. 

In Tasmania, the best fungi field guide is A Field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi by Dr Genevieve Gates and David Ratkowsky. This guide covers 650 species superbly illustrated with descriptions provided for each species.

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TAS Fungi Facebook group, or visit the TAS Fungi website. On Facebook, members regularly share information on suggested places to see fungi in Tasmania. On the website, there is a list of suggested walks contributed to by members of the group.To give you an idea of the variety of fungi you may find in Tasmania, nearly all of the fungi photos on this website are from just a 9 acre property in the Huon Valley, showing you a mere fraction of what awaits be discovered. So enjoy your fungi travels in Tasmania!

Look across different habitats in your local areas. You might explore eucalypt forests, rainforests, along coastal areas, heathlands, dusty country roads, your backyard, urban centres and even rubbish dumps surprises may be found!

Other useful field guides of Australian fungi are available to purchase online from Fungimap

Copies of A Field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi by Dr Genevieve Gates & David Ratkowsky may be purchased directly from the Field Naturalists website or at selected stores around Tasmania.



Map of fungi sightings in Tasmania on inaturalist

Visiting the Huon Valley For Fungi

If you are visiting the Huon Valley, visit one our beautiful National Parks including Hartz Mountains National Park, Southwest National Park or South Bruny National Park. Discover fungi at tourist attractions including Tahune Adventures Airwalk , Mt Misery Track or Hastings Caves State Reserve.
Take a stroll in a local park such as the Platypus Walk at Geeveston Heritage Park or reserves like Burtons Reserve or Echo Sugarloaf at Cygnet. 

Mycena interrupta

Are you looking for a specific species?

Knowing where to look comes from knowing a little about fungi you are looking for. Is the mushroom you want to see found on wood or in soil near particular trees? The beautiful blue Mycena interrupta is found on wood in moist areas practically all year round!