The Far South Fungi Team

Hi, my name is Heather and I started Far South Fungi in 2021 to help raise funds and awareness around fungi. We provide Australian fungi educational activities, gifts and souvenirs to support fungi tourism and donate a portion of proceeds to Fungimap towards Australian fungi research.

My coworkers include my hairy supervisors Sammy & Archie. They keep me on track during the workday by ensuring all their walks, feeds and pats are all done on a regular basis and that any mushroom related business is delegated to me!

Heather Elson Environmental educator
Sammy and Archie Far South Fungi

Experiences with fungi and education

In 2007 my interests in flora, fungi and environmental science enabled me to work for natural history photographer and education publisher, Steve Parish OAM where I was identifying Australian flora and fauna species for natural history publications over a number of years, and also working as the environmental officer towards a carbon neutral workplace.

After finishing a degree in environmental science in 2013 I've been working towards helping raise awareness around fungi through organising local events, writing articles or providing talks for  community groups and education providers. Along with this, I maintain the TASFungi website and enjoy helping out as an admin for the TASFungi group, which provides many opportunities for learning, friendship and fungi discovery!

Other working experiences include as a photographer for the Tasmanian State Government TAHO (Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office) and  Dept. of Primary Industries NSW Plant Pathology & Mycology Herbarium,  and within adult and childhood education with the British based STEAM Education company,  Museum in a Box, and the Dept. of Education Tasmania.

Citizen Science Project:


Since moving to the Huon Valley in Tasmania in 2010, any spare time I can muster has been spent exploring the small 9 acre tall wet eucalyptus forest where we live and studying the fungi found.

Nearly all of the fungi featured on this website are from this small parcel of land and every year there are new surprises to be discovered! If you are interested, some of the species viewed are listed on the species gallery page here or entire fungi observations from the property are viewable on the Fungimap Project on inaturalist.