The Far South Fungi Team

Hi, my name is Heather, and I started Far South Fungi in 2021 to help raise awareness and funds towards Australian fungi research. Far South Fungi creates educational tools, gifts and souvenirs, featuring Australian native and exotic fungi and donates a portion of the proceeds to Australian fungi research organisations such as Fungimap Australia's fungi mapping scheme.

My coworkers include my hairy supervisors Sammy & Archie. They keep me on track during the workday by ensuring all their walks, feeds and pats are all done on a regular basis and that any mushroom related business is delegated to me!

Sammy and Archie Far South Fungi

About Me

In Tasmania I am fortunate to live in what I think is a naturalist's paradise. 9 acres of beautiful, tall, wet eucalyptus forest in the Huon Valley where you get to experience living on nature's doorstep!  Living here since 2010 has been an amazing experience, being able to feel the day to day, of life in the forest.

Exploring this forest, recording the fungi here and sharing this with others, now takes up most of my spare time. Nearly all of the fungi featured on this website are from this relatively small area of forest and every year there are new surprises to be discovered!


If you are interested, you can see some of my explorations in the eucalypt forest through my Franklin fungi forest blog or view entire fungi observations from the property on the Fungimap Project on inaturalist.

Heather Elson Environmental educator


After studying environmental science, my aim has been to help raise awareness around fungi through education including online resources such as TASFungi, organising fungi talks and writing articles, all of which have provided many opportunities for learning, friendship and fungi discovery! 

Some past projects include working for Australian natural history photographer and publisher, Steve Parish OAM as a photographer for the Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office and the Dept. of Primary Industries NSW Plant Pathology & Mycology Herbarium, and Tasmanian Fungi in a Box, with STEM education company, Museum in a Box.

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