About Far South Fungi

Far South Fungi is a Tasmanian small business located within 9 acres of tall, wet eucalypt forest in the mountains of the Huon Valley in the far south of Tasmania. Meet the Team.

The aims of Far South Fungi are to:

  • Help support fungi research in Australia.

  • Help raise awareness of the fascinating and important roles of fungi on the planet.

  • Help provide quality educational materials and activities to support people interested in fungi.

  • Help have a positive impact on fungi tourism in Australia.

  • Help support local businesses and communities where possible.

Far South Fungi does this by creating educational tools, gifts and souvenirs, featuring Australian native and exotic fungi and by donating a portion of the proceeds to Australian fungi research organisations such as Fungimap Australia's fungi mapping scheme.

Far South Fungi would like to acknowledge mycologist Dr Genevieve Gates, who without her help, friendship and support over the years, Far South Fungi would not have been possible.