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Far South Fungi was inspired by studying the amazing fungi to be found in 9.5 acres of remnant tall, wet eucalypt forest on Melukerdee land in the beautiful Huon Valley, Tasmania.


Founded in 2021 as a social enterprise business, our aim is to support fungi education, tourism and to raise funds towards Australian fungi research whilst having fungi fun :-)


Far South Fungi raises money by creating educational tools, gifts and souvenirs featuring Australian fungi and by donating a portion of the proceeds to Australian fungi research organisations such as Fungimap.


We believe that education is the key to creating a more sustainable future.

We have worked with a variety of organisations helping to help raise awareness around the importance of Australian fungi.

We do this in different ways including: educational talks & workshops, digitisation of fungi for research, multimedia, science writing and raising funds for Australian fungi research. 

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giant tree expeditions
Museum in a Box
Tasmanian Plants Society
NSW plant pathology herbarium
Libraries TAsmania
huon valley council
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