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Old Myrtle - Nothofagus
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Far South Fungi is situated inside 9.5 acres of tall, wet eucalypt forest, deep in Melukerdee land in far south Tasmania.

Far South Fungi was established to provide fungi talks, educational tools, gifts and souvenirs featuring Australian fungi to raise awareness and help support Australian fungi research organisations such as Fungimap.

Since 2010 this little patch of forest has been a home, as well as an opportunity to record and study the existing fungi of this ecosystem over time.

Collections of fungi taken from this forest have been included in both Australian and international studies including for Amanita, Hericium, Tylopilus and Agaricus genus.


Whilst a lot of time is spent alone in the forest observing fungi, it has certainly not been a lone fungi journey.


This long term fungi survey project has benefitted through the ongoing support in particular, of Tasmanian mycologists Drs. Genevieve Gates & David Ratkowsky.

Both these scientists have contributed many hundreds of hours to vastly increasing our knowledge and interest in Tasmanian fungi with the publication of A Field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi in 2014.


We believe that education is the key to creating a more sustainable future.

We have worked with a variety of organisations helping to help raise awareness around the importance of Australian fungi.

We do this in different ways including: educational talks & workshops, digitisation of fungi for research, multimedia, science writing and raising funds for Australian fungi research. 

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