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Since 2010 fungi observed on regular walks around the south facing slopes of a 9.5 acre property have been recorded to support knowledge about Australian fungi.


Sending these records to Australia's fungi mapping scheme -Fungimap, may provide insights into the species to be found on the property and what conditions they are most likely to appear over at least a 10 year period.


Fungimap is mapping observations of Australia's fungi so we can learn more about the relatively unknown and unique fungi we have in Australia, and which species need conserving.


I have submitted my records to the Fungimap Project on inaturalistand you can easily submit your fungi records too! 

Collybia eucalyptorum

Records of Surveyed fungi

See observations of fungi found on the property See searchable list on inaturalist 

Twin Towers Track - Two old growth Stringybarks (Eucalyptus obliqua) mark the start of this track, through deep leaf litter and Amanita spp. mushroom territory.

Franklin fungi forest - Twin Towers.jpg

Russula and Inocybe Track - Turning right at the Twin Towers, this walk explores mossy, dogwood, mytle and sassafras habitat with appearances by a brown spored Russula. Following this track connects up to the Twin Towers track. 

Franklin Fungi Forest - Russula Track

Creek Track - Descending to the lowest part of the property where the natural spring emerges from underground and tall Leatherwood trees drop their beautiful flowers.

Franklin fungi forest - Creek.jpg

Bolete Corner - Just past the creek in the moss beds is a great place for finding Boletes

Franklin fungi forest - Bolete Corner.jpg

Top Paddock Track - This track takes you back up towards the top of the property to a cleared and regenerating area dominated by Wattles (Acacia spp.) and Tea Tree (Leptospermum spp.).

Franklin fungi forest - Top Paddock Track.jpg

The Sentinel Track - Walking west from the top paddock, this track takes you into the heart of the property and right past the biggest tree on the property - The Sentinel, a majestic Eucalyptus regnans, the tallest flowering plant in the world!

Franklin fungi forest -The SEntinel.jpg

The Heart - The Heart is where you will find towering Manferns (Dicksonia antarctica) and moss covered fallen giants too big too climb over. Through the heart of the property, a meandering rivulet winds its way through entangled roots of Myrtles, Eucalypts and Wattles, the world that time forgot! 

Franklin fungi forest - the heart.jpg
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