Glow in the Dark Australian fungi educational gifts - Mushroom mirrors
Glow in the Dark Australian fungi educational gifts - Mushroom mirrors
Australian Ghost Fungus


Australian Glow in the dark
Mushroom Mirror Range

Featuring the eerie glow of the Australian bioluminescent Ghost Fungus - Omphalotus nidiformis, these handy mirrors allow you to easily see underneath mushroom caps to view the spines, pores or gills to help with mushroom identification.

A fun way to learn about fungi!


These mirrors glow in the dark - just like the real thing!

The Ghost Fungus Omphalotus nidiformis, is found across most of Australia including VIC, TAS, NSW, QLD, SA, WA.

Ghost Mushroom Adam Fry

Featuring Australian bioluminescent fungus
mphalotus nidiformis

Mirrors are helpful for mushroom identification
Glow in the Dark Australian fungi educational gifts - Mushroom mirrors
Glow in the Dark Australian fungi educational gifts - Mushroom mirrors

Australian Glow in the Dark Mushroom Mirrors

  • Taking fungi photos can be a dirty business! Experience photographing fungi has shown that you might find yourself crawling around on the ground, often in rainy and wet conditions. Camera bags can get wet and dirty and so equipment must be kept dry and clean. The pouch or bag that comes with the mirrors, helps keep the mirrors clean, dry and scratch free. 

  • Light & Handy for Bushwalking - Small and lightweight, easily fit them in your pocket and keep other things inside to keep them dry as well. eg: money, credit card fits inside.​​​​

  • Useful Cleaning cloth - The cleaning cloth is very handy to keep the mirror surface clean (for eg: in the rain) for when you want to take your photos, you want the reflection to be nice and clear. The cleaning cloths are made to clean reading glasses and so will be safe to use on your mirror.​​​

  • Personally tested - Years of personal use using a mirror to view mushrooms in the field, and having the mirror in a small, light and easy to carry water resistant bag or pouch,  was found to be practical and durable outdoors.

  • We donate $1.00 for every mirror sold online to Fungimap to support Australian fungi research.

  • Designed and made in Australia (when possible).

Value Gift Pack Option Includes

58mm GLOW Mirror + Clear Button Pouch + Cleaning Cloth + Fact Sheet 

$9.95 each.   

Resealable Bag Option Includes

58mm GLOW Mirror + Fact Sheet + Resealable bag

Does not include: Clear button pouch and cleaning cloth

$6.50 each.  (If you wish to go bag-free, just let us know at checkout :)

"A very useful tool for anyone interested in fungi"

Dr Genevieve Gates coauthor of A Field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi

Benefits of using a mushroom mirror

About the Photo 

This amazing feature photo of the Ghost Fungus, was finalist in the Nature Conservancy of Australia 2021 award,  featured here in The Guardian newspaper.


Photographed by Adam Fry, a Hobart based photographer who is also a Forest Scientist with a keen interest in fungi and native orchids.  He has spent most of his life studying and photographing the natural environment around Australia and internationally.  To see more of his images click here:

Glow in the dark Ghost Mushroom Adam Fry
Photographer Adam Fry