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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


We use Australia Post Standard or Express Post delivery options within Australia and alternative options overseas. When your order is sent out, you will receive your delivery tracking number. Please contact us if you have a question.

Refund  and Guarantee Policy

We offer refunds in accordance with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

please contact us if you would like a refund.





Our aim is to create practical, durable and fun educational products that support people wanting to learn more about Australian fungi. We also want to help raise funds for Australian fungi research and raise awareness around fungi more broadly across the community.

The pouches and mirror parts are all printed and purchased from Australian suppliers. The mirrors and pouches are all put together by hand at home in Tasmania. The cards are printed locally in Tasmania and nearly all the badges are made in Australia.


Product Design & Features


Years of personal use using a mirror to view mushrooms in the field, and having the mirror in a small, light and easy to carry water resistant bag or pouch,  was found to be practical and durable outdoors.

  • Taking fungi photos can be a dirty business! Experience photographing fungi has shown that you might find yourself crawling around on the ground, often in rainy and wet conditions. Camera bags can get wet and dirty and so equipment must be kept dry and clean. The pouch or bag that comes with the mirrors, helps keep the mirror dry and clean.


  • Light & Handy for Bushwalking - The button pouch and the resealable bags are small and lightweight. Handy as you can put them in your pocket and keep other things inside to keep them dry as well eg: money, credit card fits inside.


  • Useful Cleaning cloth - The cleaning cloth is very handy to keep the mirror surface clean (for eg: in the rain) for when you want to take your photos, you want the reflection to be nice and clear. The cleaning cloths are made to clean reading glasses and so will be safe to use on your mirror.




When considering sustainability in our business we consider the triple bottom line:

  • Social sustainability - We support Australian fungi research by donating $1.00 for every mushroom mirror sold online or through our stockists, to Fungimap - Australia's national fungi mapping scheme. We also volunteer our time within the community by providing fungi workshops supporting the health and wellbeing strategies of our community.

  • Economic sustainability - We purchase goods and services related to the functioning of our business from Australian and local (Tasmanian) suppliers in the first instance. Where goods or services are unavailable within Australia, we are currently working with Australian suppliers to make these products for us, rather than have to purchase from overseas.  Supporting local businesses and artists supports our local communities by helping to create local jobs with both economic, and social benefits and reduce energy consumption through reduced transport. 

  • Environmental sustainability - With a background in environmental science and product design, our aim is to provide sustainable products where it is practical and affordable to do so. 

  • We offer the option of purchasing our mirrors in an eco-box, plastic pouch or resealable bag

  • Whilst some of our products do use plastic, plastic still is at this time, the most practical, durable and affordable solution we can offer as equipment takes a beating in the field, and so we wanted it to last a long time and get used and remain out of landfill. Additionally, when plastic is incorporated into long lasting products, plastic can be kept out of natural ecosystems.

  • Ultimately we would like to have mushroom mycelium replace any plastic (new or recycled), however there is no suitable mycelial product yet available to businesses as small as ours - only to big brands eg: Adidas, until production increases.

  • We recycle packaging we receive from our suppliers into packaging we use to send to our stockists.

  • We use FSC Mix for the paper in our products which is a mix of controlled wood from acceptable sources that can be mixed with FSC-certified material. 

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