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Mushroom gifts and souveniers - Morel Mushroom Mirror - helps identify Australian fungi

Australian Black Morel - Australian Mushroom Mirror in resealable bag


These mushroom mirrors are handy fungi educational tools. Using a mirror allows you to easily see underneath mushroom caps to view the spines, pores or gills, to help with identification of Australian mushrooms.

  • Mushroom mirrors allow for a good view under the mushroom.

  • Makes it easier to include the gills, pores or spines of a mushroom in your photo to help with fungi identification.

  • Avoids removing mushroom from substrate.

  • Mushroom mirrors make a great travel gift and souvenir as they are small, durable,  lightweight and easy to carry.

  • The protective resealable bag helps keeps mirror dry and scratch free.

  • Featuring images of Australian fungi.

  • Designed and made in Australia.

  • We donate $1.00 for every mirror sold to Fungimap


Mushroom Mirror in resealable bag $5.50 + postage

Includes:  58mm Mirror + Fact Sheet + Resealable protective bag

Does not include: Button pouch or cleaning cloth (See Gift Packs)

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